Texture aligning used to be a giant pain in the butt not long ago. Many of us builders resorted to all sorts of scripts, or gadgets & some of you die-hard types actually resort to MATH!!!! ahhhh screeeeeeamsssss.. not MATH!!!. Well there is a feature I use and I found a video showing how its done and wanted to share it with you all. It’s not the most glamorous video, but I use this texture feature with all my builds as it saves me a ton of time. Shockingly, I had no idea how many people were either unaware of it or how to use it. I know several of the newer viewers now have the feature as well.. Next time you are building, look at your build tab and give it a try. ~ Jack


Inworldz is a growing alternative sim to SL with many people that are finding their way there. Since it is an evolving world, we all have had to accept some of the annoying little bugs which every new virtual world encounters.  Think back to how many days we were unable to log into Second Life  for hours… sometimes days. Think of the lost inventory, the inventory damages, the days where we were Ruthed and unable to change or inventory which refuses to load. See even SL has its issues ?  Don’t believe me..check the Jira’s  I still enjoy Second Life  but i also enjoy Inworldz very much as well. So I struggled through the little annoying quirks of Inworldz just like everyone, but through the feature rich viewers of Imprudence and Phoenix I’ve learned to work around them with great success.  So I thought i’d share some settings for the Phoenix viewer which i use and really make life easier in the virtual world. (below are a few excerpts from Phoenix website:) These can all be accessed via the Preferences tab. (ctrl-p)

TP/Login Tab
    • ALWAYS FLY AFTER TELEPORTS: After teleporting, the avatar will be flying just above the teleport destination. No more falling to your virtual death or falling through objects after tp’ng
    • ADDITIONALLY OFFSET UP BY HALF THE AVATAR HEIGHT: When unchecked, the viewer will try to move the center of the avatar to the exact teleport coordinate destination. When checked, the viewer adds half the avatar’s height to the Z coordinate to put the avatar’s feet at the teleport destination instead. No more Philadelphia experiments ( arriving half buried in the floor).
Chat Tab
  • DISABLE ALL GROUP CHATS: Prevents group chats from opening automatically when another user IMs the group. Note: The viewer will still receive group chat with this option turned on when an IM/Group Chat tab is open for the group in the Communicate window. What the option does is prevent the automatic creation of a tab when a group message is received. I use this when i build so i don’t have to watch my screen fill up with text from people in groups.
  • EDIT KEY WORD ALERTS (BUTTON): Displays additional options dialog box that allows you to choose keywords that trigger a sound and/or highlight text when the words appear in group chat, IM’s or open chat.
    • IF ANY OF THE PHRASES (SEPARATED BY COMMAS) LISTED HERE: Specifies the list of words that will trigger an alert. They can be individual words or phrases and are separated by commas.
    • INSTANT MESSAGE FLOATER: When checked, the alert system monitors the IM and Group Chat areas for presence of these keywords. Note: Group Chats are prevented from appearing, “When “Receive Group Notices” Is Disabled, Disable Group Chat As Well” or “Disable All Group Chats” is enabled (see above), then no alerts are triggered.
    • LOCAL CHAT FLOATER: When checked, the alert system monitors Local Chat for the presence of these keywords.
    • HIGHLIGHT THE MESSAGE IN THIS COLOR (CHECK BOX and COLOR SELECTOR): When checked, any messages that are to be alerted, will have their color changed to what is specified in the color selector.
    • PLAY THIS SOUND ALERT (CHECK BOX and UUID): Plays the sound identified by the identified UUID. To get the UUID, find a sound in the avatar’s inventory that has full rights, then right-click the sound and select “Copy Asset UUID” from the menu. Then paste the value into the text box.
  • EDIT AUTOCORRECT SETTINGS (BUTTON): Brings up a dialog box to enable Phoenix to expand abbreviations and automatically correct misspelled words. Corrections and expansions occur when the space bar is pressed, so when “afk” is typed it is only expanded to ”(Away from Keyboard)” after a space is added. Important: This feature does not work with non-letter and non-characters.
    • ENABLE AUTOCORRECT: Enables the auto correction mechanism.
    Avatar Tab
    • X,Y,Z MODIFIER: Changes the default positional offset of your avatar. Ex, if your feet are below the ground due to your shape or shoes, change the Z modifier to move your avatars default height up or down.

There are many more but i’m not going to list them all.  If you want to find out more then here is a link for you to checkout. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=phoenix_preferences_tab Hope it helps!!! ~ Jack

InWorldz Photobook

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Inwordz is quickly becoming a haven for builders and creators. Here is a few from our sim on Equinox of Inworldz – Dream e’Scapes.